AVEES is a well-known producer of heritage rice powder from the Kuttanad region of Kerala in southern India. We produce some unique products of the region and pack them in elegantly designed covers while adhering to our uncompromisingly high standards of hygiene and palette. We cater to small and large retail chains worldwide. Our products do make a world of difference to the taste buds and food habits of people in many countries.


AVEES specializes in high quality production; aesthetic packaging and fast transportation of the finest varieties of rice powder required for preparing some of the most traditional and coveted culinary delicacies of Kerala. They are: Puncha Puttu, Puncha Idiyappam, White Puttu, White Idiyappam and Instant Palappam. These products epitomize an ancient culinary culture, a rich tradition, and a colourful life style of people in the Kuttanad region. We are fully equipped to extend this heritage to your dining tables in any part of the world.


As we let the delicacies made out of AVEES Powdered Rice Products speak for themselves, we will only be happy respond to your queries on our products range and distribution arrangements. Our coordinates are given below.

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